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Acharya Vinobha Bhave G.h.sch.
Agra Glori Highschool
Agra Public School
Ahamedia Hanifia Inter College
Air Force School, Agra
Algulistaan Girls Highschool
Anand Highschool
Anand Inter College
Anglobangali Inter College
Anglo Indian Highschool
Ankur Highschool
Anwari Nilofer Inter College
Army School
Awantibai Inter College
Awanti Bai Inter College
Baba Jhamman Lal High School
Balaji Highschool
Baptist Highschool
B.d.jain Girls Inter College
Bejanti Devi Inter College
Beni Singh Inter College
Bhagat Kunwar Ram Highschool
Bhartiya Vidhya Peeth, Senior Secondary School
Bhartiya Vidya Peeth Baal Mand
Bhawani Singh High School
Bhawna Rani Girls Highschool
Bhodevi Highschool
Bhoodevi Inter College
B M A S Engineering College
Brij Pub Highschool
Captain Podi Highschool
Chandra Balika Inter College
Children Progressive Highscho
Chitragupta Highschool
C.p.inter College
D.a.v. Inter College
Dayalal Pavitra Devi I.c.
Dayanand Bal Mandir
Dayanand Inter College
D.c.vedik Inter College
Delhi Public School, Agra
Digamber Jain Inter College
Dolly Pub Inter College
D.prince Girls Highschool
Dr.mariya Residential Acadmy
Dr.pratap Pub Highschool
Dr Prince Kala Highschool
Dr.rai Highschool
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Inter Coll
D.v.santosh Khalsa Inter Colle
E.s.s.convt Highschool
Faiz-e-aam Inter College
Fatehchand Inter College
Foolwati Gautam
Gajadhar Highschool
Gendalal Mehar Highschool
Gopichand Shivhare Inter Colle
Govind S.b.fhule Inter College
Govt Girls Highschool
Govt. Inter College
Green Clean Inter College
Guru Tejbhadhur Khalsa H.sch
Gyan Bharti Girls Inter Colleg
Gyan Bharti Highschool
Gyan Bharti Inter College
Gyandeep Girls Highschool
Hari Ram Highschool
Hindustan College Of Science & Technology
Holman Highschool(eng)
Holman Highschool(hindi)
Holy Public School
Homeschooled in Agra
Hubbulal Inter College
Indrabhan Girls Inter College
Institute Of Engineering & Technology
Ishwari Prasad Adarsh Highscho
Jagdamba Girls Inter College
Jagdamba Inter College
Jaharpeer Baalyogi Highschool
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Johns Marry Highschool
Kanhi Ram Babu Ram
Kaushal Devi Memoriyal Highsch
Kedar Nath Seceariya
Kewalram G.das Inter College
K.l.shastri Inter College
K.v.d.guda Inter College
K.v. No-1
K.v. No-2
Laxminarayan Highschool
L.b.s. Inter College
Maa Bhagwati Girls Highschool
Maa Bhagwati Kanya Highschool
Maharaja Agresen Inter College
Maharaja Soorajmal Inter Colle
Maharani Ahilyabai Highschool
Maharishi Parasuram Inter Coll
Mahendra Singh Inter College
Manikchand Highschool
Mayarani Inter College
M.d.jain High School
M.d.jain Inter College
Meera Girls Highschool
Milton Pub Sch
M.m.sheery Highschool
M.m.sherry Girls Highschool
Motini Devi High School
M.s.public Highschool
Mufid-e-aam Inter College
Murarilal Khatri Girls Inter C
Nagar Nigam Girls Highschool
Nagar Nigam Girls Inter Colleg
Nagar Nigam Inter College
Narayani Devi Girls Inter Coll
National Model Highschool
Navjyoti Kanya Highschool.
N.c.vedic Inter College
Nehru Monte. Inter College
Netaji Subash Girls Inter Coll
New Sherwood
New St.stefens Pub School
New Sun Flower Highschool
Panchsheel Inter College
P.d.jain High School
Presentation Convt. Girls High
Pt. Gyasi Ram Inter College
Pt. Hotilal High School
Pt. Madan Mohan Highschool
Queen Victoria Inter College
Radha Ballabh Inter College
Rajkamal Girls Inter College
Rajkamal Inter College
Ramchandra Saraf Inter College
Ramdas Kalawati Girls Highscho
Ramkrishna Girls Inter College
Ramkrishna Inter College
Ramswaroop Kanya Inter College
Ratanmuni Jain Girls Inter Col
Ratanmuni Jain Inter College
R.b.s.inter College
R E I Intermediate College
R.g.gautam High School
Rukmani Devi Highschool
Sageer Fatima Inter College
Sainik Bharti Inter College
Sainik Pub Highschool
Saket Inter College

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